week 2

The second week of 2012 brought the return of cloth diapers! (Kinda. Still working on some rash issues…but I did strip the diapers (all the bubbles in the tub) and let Mary run around with her cute fluffy bottom.) It also saw Mary loving playing with her blocks and drinking Cheerios out of them! My girth seemed to grow (over half-way there!) and we enjoyed Mark’s delicious,¬†delicious¬†enchiladas (and leftover enchiladas). Also, Mary likes to give Padfoot kisses…often.

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The first week of 2012 involved playing with Mary, watching OSU win the Fiesta Bowl, sharing pizza at Wolfgang Puck’s, eating birthday cake, going to the zoo, enjoying lots of ice cream courtesy of the Zerbe’s Christmas gift, and swapping my wedding ring out for a larger ring that hopefully won’t get stuck as my fingers swell during this pregnancy.

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circle gets the square!


Round cookie cutters don’t always equal round cookies.

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getting closer


She’s taken up to four steps a couple times…hoping this push toy helps!

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Sam’s cartavan

We met my SIL, niece, nephew and mom (not pictured) at Sam’s.

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birthday dress


I made Hannah Banana’s dress today and am so excited to make Mary Berry’s soon!

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baby bird


Daddy giving Mary a drink.

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